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Discussion in 'Guild Hub' started by Mythryx, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. Mythryx

    Mythryx New Member VIP Member

    Recruiting active players.
    New or old, just needs to be active.

    Join a casual friendly guild with no toxicity. We also help newbies with leveling up and starting gear if we have them.

    The guild gives perks to active members. Also awards ChipBreaker prizes.

    PM Mythryx or Sanavavitz ingame or drop me a message here on the forums.
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  2. erdiuka

    erdiuka New Member

    Hi Mythryx, do you know where is the server hosted? I'm planing to join but I feel laggy sometimes.
  3. Rokusho

    Rokusho New Member

    Server is physically located in Singapore.
  4. RedBurst

    RedBurst Administrator Staff Member VIP Member

    physical server = singapore
    network gates = USA, India, SG
  5. Mythryx

    Mythryx New Member VIP Member

    There you go mate :)
  6. Mythryx

    Mythryx New Member VIP Member

    Bump. Still recruiting :)

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