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    An unprecedented event in the vast RF Online. We are ready to give 25% of our donation every 2 weeks (Converted to CASH POINTS) to the guilds, who actually deserve it.

    Why do we do this:

    We want to give additional motivation to the guilds not to leave the project.

    We believe that this event will help the guild leaders to understand that they are primarily motivated to save online on the server.

    The rating is built in such a way that would affect important gaming events and encourage guilds to take part in them.

    On our forum you can see the rating of the guilds of each race. Rating formed by points. (

    Each member of the guild can bring points to his guild. Points can be earned as follows:

    The first 4 ways are the main, the guild will get the highest quantity of these points.

    The total level of guild members. Every day, after updating the guild and points, the level of all the characters in the guild is added and multiplied by a certain number. The final number is added to the guild points in the ranking.

    A visit of CW of each member of the guild. Everything is simple, if you PARTICIPATE in CW - you brought guild points. It is worth paying attention to the fact that we check the presence of a participant on CW not only by LOOTING the HMS, there are a number of parameters that indicate that the player really was on the CW. We will not disclose them.

    The following 3 ways are optional, but it brings less points.

    Every day, after the guilds are renewed, the Certain Points of all guild members are added and divided into a certain number. The total number of this points adding to guild points. As the server grows, the number by which the sum of the CP will be divided will grow too.

    Chip Holder. It's simple. Destroy the enemy chip and your guild will get 1500 points.

    Killing Chip Holder. Everything is also clear: kill enemy Chip Holder and you guild will get 1500 points.

    No record of participation, Inactive or ALT characters are not included in the pointing system.
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    Aug. 1 - 15

    Top 1 guild each race will receive the 90% of Guild Bounty Prize Pool
    10% will go to prize pool of upcoming Chip Breaker Event
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    August 16, 2020

    90% of Guild Bounty prize pool will be divided into 3, with the following allocation:

    Top 1 = 50%
    Top 2 = 30%
    Top 3 = 20%

    For you to get the Guild Bounty Prize; you must reach the ff. Guild points.

    Top 1 = 25,000
    Top 2 = 20,000
    Top 3 = 15,000
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