How to Purchase Character in Website Auction

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    How to Purchase Character via Website Auction:

    1. visit Auction Page
    2. Login your User ID
    3. Make Sure you have enough Cash Shop points for purchase
    4. Choose specific Race for character to be purchased
    5. ALL items in the character will be included in the purchase. You can view all items included in the character option menu.
    6. Click Buy once desired character has been chosen
    7. Go to Character Selection Menu In-game.
    8. Choose a blank slot on your character selection menu.
    9. You can select your purchased character on the right portion of the screen then Select the IGN.
    10. Click Confirm and Use the Character In-game


    You can permanently lose your item! If you made a mistake in Recipient field when sending the item, or created a letter not on the guide, the administration has the full right to refuse to restore the item. Be careful!

    NOTE: If item was not bought for 5 days - it will return in your Storage directly.

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