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    This is an update in regards to the Draco RS fiasco that have caused quite a stir in our community.
    We would like to acknowledge the lapse made by Cerberus SEA'S previous Head Game Master, Maester. Yesterday's maintenance have fixed the RS time for Draco, as per the promise made by the Dev Team. However, HGM Maester failed to include said information to the patch notes. The GMs under him did not inform nor gave a headsup to the Management, and have left this information completely out of the public domain. We view this failure as a violation of the trust given to us by our loyal customers.

    Furthermore, we would like to reiterate that this failure to note said RS time had also caused players from a particular race to question the server's and its management team's integrity. This particular incident had pushed said players to cause disruption in the server. This particular series of events had made the Management Team ban everyone related to said disruption, in line with the penalties listed in the rules and penalties section published in our forum.

    Furthermore, the guild-wide banning we have done to a particular known toxic guild was caused by another violation of the terms and conditions we have posted in the forum. The Management Team had decided to permanently ban them in order to protect the remaining players that might be affected by their deceitful and dishonest transactions done in and out of the game. We will refrain from naming this guild as we do not wish to violate their rights. However, we would like to reiterate, we maintain our stance that we do not tolerate unwarranted toxicity in-game and we will exercise Admin Discretion to its full extent if we deem it justified and necessary.

    We will continue to give updates to everyone and we promise to be transparent about it. Have a great evening!

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