items on web auction via itemshop mailing.

Discussion in 'REPORT' started by lordsaki07, Dec 12, 2020.

  1. lordsaki07

    lordsaki07 New Member

    please is there any way how to return my weapons i mailed via itemshop mailing system ingame. di ko alam kasi na under maintenance you web auction. item mailed between the date dec. 7 to dec 11. my type c staff , type c sword. type c spear.

    thanks. alot.
  2. Hamster

    Hamster Administrator Staff Member

    Write me character name on account where to return items from auction
  3. Eeyyyyyy

    Eeyyyyyy New Member

    bat walang napunta sa storage or inventory ko ng nag return items ako sa auctions.

    Ign: GreenCross
  4. Hamster

    Hamster Administrator Staff Member

    Character not exist
  5. Eeyyyyyy

    Eeyyyyyy New Member

    eto sir

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  6. Hamster

    Hamster Administrator Staff Member

    Cerberus 1 auction not active, so this screenshot looks like some fake...
  7. RedBurst

    RedBurst Administrator Staff Member VIP Member

    Lying to administration: permanent banned
  8. fefe69

    fefe69 New Member

    nag try yan ilipat ung weapon nya sa cerb1 to cerb2 .pag nag mail k sa cerb 1 ndi nmn amg aappear sa web auction. so mawawala lng ung item mo :D
  9. lordsaki07

    lordsaki07 New Member

    ign: Diamos
  10. lordsaki07

    lordsaki07 New Member

    IGN: Daimos
  11. Hamster

    Hamster Administrator Staff Member

  12. bitzslapz

    bitzslapz New Member

    Dead server?

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