Patch Notes 12-24-20

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    RT Potion (race item convert) enabled

    Race Portals:
    • added infront safezone in crag portals.

    Race Chip:
    • drop of potions adjusted
    • elan scroll in all chips adjusted
    • Shinny Gold Box Drop Qty. increased
    • Added Glorious Box in all race chips

    • SPOOKY ORC PB is Disabled
    • HP and Def of Walnut PB Decreased.
    • Added Glorious Box and Shinny Gold Box in HSK

    Holy Defender Event
    Damage/HP/DEF/Dodge/Accu Parameters: same with Taraven(DBoss)

    3 spawn location every before CW 2 and 3 everyday

    Before CW 2 - 12:00 pm
    Before CW 3 - 8:00pm


    Drop List:
    • Glorious Boxes
    • Gift boxes
    • Medium gift boxes
    • Big Boxes

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