Patch Notes October 29, 2020

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    Gold bar Price Fix
    Ore +3 Chance of Getting T4 Gems
    Newbie Elems @ Itemshop Price 100cs

    Capsule of Double Potion Buff 50% OFF
    Base Class Change Potion 50% OFF
    Lucky Gem Set Bundle [T5+2pcs TC]

    1+1 Cash Shop Potion & Ammo Promo

    Burst Potion [Premium]
    Protect Potion [Premium]
    Critical Potion [Premium]
    Cure Potion [Premium]
    Composed Potion [Premium]
    Quickskill Potion [Premium]
    Build Up Potion [Premium]
    Super Smart Potion [Premium]
    Original Place Revival Potion
    Class Redefine Capsule
    x2 PT Gains.
    Warehouse Expansion
    Flavored Freedom Potion lvl3
    Flavored Freedom Potion lvl2
    Flavored Freedom Potion lvl1
    Flavored Cure Potion lvl3
    Flavored Cure Potion lvl2
    Flavored Cure Potion lvl1

    Purse Charger [5%]
    Mega Advance Beam Cell
    Mineral Exploding Vulcan Magazine
    Poison Exploding Vulcan Magazine
    Ice Exploding Vulcan Magazine
    Fire Exploding Vulcan Magazine
    Ceramic Exploding Vulcan Magazine
    Mineral Advanced Beam Cell
    Poison Advanced Beam Cell
    Ice Advanced Beam Cell
    Fire Advanced Beam Cell
    Ceramic Advanced Beam Cell
    Mega Exploding Vulcan Magazine
    Mega Ice Magazine
    Mega Venom Magazine
    Mega Exploding Magazine
    Mega Energy Magazine
    Mega Mineral Magazine
    Mega Exploding Bolt
    Mega Mineral Bolt
    Mega Poison Bolt
    Mega Ice Bolt
    Mega Fire Bolt
    Mega Exploding Arrow
    Mega Mineral Arrow
    Mega Poison Arrow
    Mega Ice Arrow
    Mega Fire Arrow
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