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    Good day to the Cerberus Sea community's biggest creative
    contest of the Month!

    When: Sept. 1

    Where: Right here!

    Who: RF Cerberus Sea Players (That's you!)

    Show off you skills and your love for Cerberus SEA by
    creating your PvP Montage Video masterpiece!

    Entries Will be judged base on skill,concept,
    uniqueness, and general execution by a panel of judges
    from the Cerberus Games Sea Staffs.

    Contest ends at 11:59 PDT on Sunday, September 6


    1 person 1 submit
    • Showcasing our Active PvP ingame
    • Ceberus Games Logo on your intro is a must
    • The Video can't exceed 10 minutes
    • The video must be 720p or 1080p with 60FPS
    • The video must be well edited with good background music (No Copyright)
    • The video must be entertaining when watching.
    • The video must have clear context, sub titles, and explanation so the audience can understand.
    • The video must be made after this event announcement.
    How to submit
    • After creating the video, upload it to your Youtube Channel.
    • Title Format: IGN + Guild + Cerberus Games RF Online (if no guild don't put anything)
    • Post the following to this thread:
      • Character Name:
      • Video link:
      • Short description:
    Best video

    The video with most views on YouTube before the deadline will receive

    • 30,000 Cash Points + 20x Talic of choice + 20x T4 Gem Set


    All qualified submissions will receive

    • 10x Talic of choice + 8,000 Cash Points
    • You can use OBS to record game
    • You can use sony vegas to edit videos.
    • Google is also a good guide ~~
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