The Mysterious Box (Beta Event)

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    How to Get a Mystery Box

    You need to combine the ff. items
    • 99x of Master Piece N
    • 99x of Master Piece B
    • 99x of Master Piece C
    • 1x Master Key (2,000,000 in Elan Tool NPC)
    • 1 Talic Crystal
    • 1,000,000 race currency


    100% success combine.

    Get Master Piece N Stone in the ff mobs.

    [0520B] Hobo Blade
    [0530B] Hobo Rover
    [0540B] Passer Beta
    [0560B] Caliana Crew
    [0570B] Caliana Atrock
    [0B30B] Calliana Archer
    [0930B] Assassin BuilderB

    Master Piece B Stone

    [07503] Turncoat Sniper
    [08C1B] Turncoat Wizard
    [07F13] Turncoat Adventurer
    [0892B] Turncoat Warlock
    [08013] Turncoat Dementor
    [08B13] Turncoat Shield Miler
    [08513] Turncoat Sentinel
    [08C3B] Turncoat Astraler
    [08D13] Turncoat Black Knights
    [08713] Turncoat Stealer
    [0891B] Turncoat Graser
    [08E13] Turncoat Mercenery

    Master Piece C Stone

    [05A13] Infernal Demolis
    [05D13] Infernal Grumble
    [05E13] Volite
    [05C13] Fever Lapis
    [05F0B] Ash
    [06013] Burn Ash

    The Mystery Box


    Whats inside ? (random)

    • Small Gift Box
      • Attack potion +40%
      • Ore +1
    • Gift Box
      • Master's Large Gift Box
      • Attack potion +40%
      • Ore +1
      • T4 gems
      • Experience Point 100% Recovery Capsule
      • Cure Potion
    • Master's Gift
    • Middle Empty box
    • Attack potion +40%
    • Chaos potion
    • Master's Small Gift
    • Master's Large Gift
    • Type B weapon level 45
    • T3 gems
    • Master's Large Gift
    • Big Empty box
    • Attack potion +40%
    • Chaos potion
    • Master's Small Gift
    • Master's Gift
    • Type B weapon level 50
    • T4 gems
    • Red Stone box
    • Blue Stone piece
    • Inventer`s Accessories Box (Ability Box)
    • shinny gold box
    • gold pig coin (30,000,000)
    • silver pig coin (10,000,000)
    • T5 coupon
    • Mysterious Treasure Box (Offense)
    • Glorious Box (it contains random talics, T3 and T4 Gems)

    Glorious Box:

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